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07 May 2012


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 Vote-Sign Information for Voters on Michigan Ballot Proposals 1-6

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 voter-id-laws PA Legislator Admits Voter ID Laws Are About Limiting Turnout

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 paul-ryan-todd-akin Paul Ryan, Soldier of the American Taliban

 gop-anti-woman-legislation-platform Paul Ryan Co-sponsored 8 Anti-Woman Bills With Todd Akin

 todd-akin-gop-platform GOP Platform Codifies the Republican War Against Women

 social-security Jake Tapper Echoes Republican Lies on Solvency of Social Security Program

 paul-ryan-earns-gold-lying Paul Ryan Earns a Gold in Lying

 voter-disenfranchisement More Stupid From the Department of Voter Disenfranchisement

 chart-romney-offshore-accounts Mitt Romney’s Offshore Accounts

 koch-industries-big-oil Koch Brothers - Big Oil Behind Another Americans for Prosperity Anti-Obama Ad

 mitt-romney Mitt Romney Hates Women

 cayman-islands-bank David Plouffe to Romney: Show the People Your Tax Returns

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 hillary-clinton Morning Quote: Hillary Clinton

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